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You are now in the Rioja Baja, in a beautiful municipality crossed by the Cidacos River, between Hez and Peñamonte mountains. You have probably heard about us because of our well-known thermal waters, but what you don’t know is that we have much more to offer.

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Points of interest

Points of interest

Arnedillo village has countless beautiful corners where is a pleasure to get lost. Don’t leave without visiting:

• The Buitre Lookout.
• The San Servando and San Germán Church.
• The Thermal Area.
• The Castle, from the X century, aprox.
• Our typical olive-oil press, from the XIX century and the old ice field, used until the XX century.
• Our beautiful hermitages.
• ¡Visit us during the local festivities! From the Romería de San Tirso, celebrated on the last Sunday of January, to theFiesta de la Virgen de las Nieves, on the 6th August, or the winter festivities of San Servando and San Germán. Anytime is perfect to get to know this magical region.

If you want to know more, check the following webpages:

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- Valle del Cidacos
- La Rioja Turismo
- La Noticia


Enjoy a relaxing bath, either in summer or during winter, in the well-known Arnedillo’s Thermal Pools. In our village we have thermal natural springs with exquisite water, perfect for your skin.

We can find these natural pools on the bank of the Cidacos River and they have free Access for everyone that wants to go there and admire the beauty of the region while bathing in this warm and rich mineral water.


120 million years ago, dinosaurs walked on what is now La Rioja. Scientists discovered during the 70’s the meaning of the fossil footprints or ichnites that were found on the rocks. Since them, excavations and paleontological studies allowed us to know the life style of these gigantic reptiles in a very different setting.

In Arnedillo we can find the sites of “Las hoyas” y “La mata”. The first one is located close to Arnedillo, next to the Vadillo ravine and it has an easy access. There we can find footprints from different carnivore dinosaurs. The second site is situated next to Peroblasco and it also has an easy access. For more information, check El Barranco Perdido.